Dalla posizione centrale dell'Hotel Ambasciatori è tutto vicino: visita alla Galleria del Corso, cena ai Navigli, visite al Cenacolo Vinciano o alla Pinacoteca di Brera.

Milan is one of the most elegant and refined cities in the World. Famous for it's cultural heritage the Hotel Ambasciatori have tried to summarise some of the main cultural attractions in this elegant and stylish city. Should you require any further information regarding tickets for performances at La Scala Opera House or tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.

  • The Scala Opera House Milan - Tickets for LaScala Performances are strictly limited to 2 tickets per person
    La Scala Opera House is perhaps the second mostfamous symbol of Milan (the Duomo is clearly the most famousattraction). Performances at La Scala are always of the highestquality and the elegant and opulent surroundings ensure that a nightat the opera in La Scala will be a night to remember. To book ticketsfor performances at La Scala please see the concierge at the HotelAmbasciatori Milan An Elegant Hotel in Milan. NB La Scala opera houseis only a 10 minute walk from the Hotel Ambasciatori. Simply walkpast the Duomo and take a right into the elegant Galleria VittorioEmanuele - walk straight through and upon exiting the Galleria youwill see the Scala Theatre directly in front of you.
  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie - Leonardoda Vinci's Last Supper
    The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was built in15th century by Guiniforte Solari. An elegant facade was later addedby the architect Bramante. When the Last Supper was painted it wasappropriately placed on the refectory wall of the Convent of SantaMaria delle Grazie. It is one of the world's most viewed paintingsand consequently we suggest that you purchase tickets prior tovisiting the church in order to avoid the lengthy queues which oftenoccur particularly during the Autumn and Spring months.
  • Navigli: the canals of Milan
    Navigli or the Canals of Milan is one of the most atmospheric places in this modern metropolis. Largely unchanged from the turn of the century when railways and the motor transport replaced the barge a walk along the canals is now like a trip through time. The best time to visit the Navigli area is during the evening when revellers sit side by side with elegant businessmen enjoying the relaxing atmosphere created by the many bars and riverside cafes.
  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie - Leonardoda Vinci's Last Supper
    The Pinacoteca Brera or Academy of Fine Arts Milan) was founded in 1809 and is housed in Palazzo Brera. It contains some of Italy's finest art treasures from tehe 15th century onwards. The most famous paintings are Raphael's Marriage of the Virgin and Mantegna's The Dead Christ. The surroundings are elegant and refined as are many of the paintings including some of the finest works ever produced by artists such as Rembrandt, Van Dyck and El Greco. For Gallery opening times and advice on how to purchase tickets please see the concierge at the Hotel Ambasciatori.
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