Let's know Milan Cathedral, the «Duomo», in the heart of the city

Il monumento più conosciuto è in Piazza del Duomo, a Milano: il Duomo è la cattedrale del capoluogo lombardo

Duomo MilanoThe most famous monument in Milan is located in “Piazza del Duomo”, its name is "Duomo», the city Cathedral.The Duomo was built in the name of Santa Maria Nascente (the Madonna that stands on top of the church). It is located in the centre of the city, close to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, where’s also based the Hotel Ambasciatori. Thanks to its location, our 4* Hotel is perfect for your citysight and specially if you like go shopping.

The Duomo is a church with a Latin cross plan which reaches the height of about 108.5 meters (its highest point is the statue of «La Madonnina», erected in 1774): its surface makes the Duomo be the 3rd biggest catholic church all over the world, after San Pietro in Vaticano and the Cathedral of Seville.This great church counts 3400 statues, 2300 only in the outer part. Many sculptors dedicated their art to the Duomo between XIV and XX century.

Piazza del Duomo Milano – immagine da gmapsIts Official web site, available in english and italian languages, helps everyday the tourists to discover the Duomo with activities, educational servicies and guided tours (from Monday to Saturday 9.30AM-5.30PM and Sunday 11.00AM-3.00PM).

If you are interested on catholic celebrations, here you can find them; on Sunday the Duomo hosts the «Celebrazioni Eucaristiche» on 7.10AM, 8.00AM, 9.30AM, 11.00AM, 12.30PM, 5.30PM.

The Museum in the Duomo

Inside this magnificent church, you will find its own museum, inaugurated in 1953, it has been created to valorize all what concerns the edification and the history of the Duomo. The museum exhibits: tapestries, paintings, statues, treasures and the ancient windows.
Museum time schedule: Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-6PM.

What is the architectural style of the Duomo in Milan?

It is hard to say: during the years of its life it saw many renovations and changes. Usually, this church is linked to the Gothic style; anyway, it is more exact to associate it to an idea of a phantasmagorical and mastodontic Gothic.
P.S.: one of the architects who managed the costruction of the Duomo was Leonardo Da Vinci!

Can you reach the top of the Duomo?

One of the most spectaucular skills of this church, is the possibility to reach its terraces, one of the best place to enjoy the view of the city, just using the stairs (from 9AM to 6.30PM). It is also possible to use the lift but its ticket has a different price, as well as if you decide to visit the «Battistero di San Giovanni» too.
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